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Cacao de Colombia

Cacao de Colombia

Exploring the Origins of Our Chocolate: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia

Grown by a women-led co-operative involving over 500 women. Creating a sacred feminine energy in this heartwarming Cacao. 


Nestled at the base of the slopes of the 'Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta' National Park lies our cacao plantations, embraced by the tallest mountain range in this region of Colombia. This land is a sanctuary of unique biodiversity, holding immense significance for local communities such as the Arhuaco tribe. It is from here that the delectable criollo cacao originates.


Within the natural reserve of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the cooperative CooAgroNevada is led by women. Today, they cultivate both coffee and cacao, both grown organically. We source our cacao at a fair price, providing farmers with increased security. Together with the women-led farming cooperative Cooagronevada, which boasts a membership of over 5000 female farmers, we establish buffer zones around the rainforest using cacao trees, minimizing the need for deforestation.


The beans from the premium Criollo cacao variety offer a delightful, rich, and complex flavor profile. Notes of red fruits dance on your palate, complemented by a hint of raisin. They carry the energy of the feminine as they

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    500 Grams

    Organic - Pure - Ceremonial

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