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Cacao de Brazil

Cacao de Brazil

Introducing Our Demeter Certified Ceremonial Cacao from Brazil


Discover the essence of Brazil's Bahia region on the eastern coast through our exquisite Demeter certified ceremonial cacao. Partnering with Brazilian cacao farmers, we bring you a taste of paradise where nature and rainforests thrive in their original splendor. The Bahia area boasts untouched beauty, with centuries-old trees and a biodiversity that is a rarity in today's world.


Demeter Certification: Beyond organic, the Demeter certification represents a holistic approach to agriculture. It's a harmonious way of cultivating the land, where ecosystems remain undisturbed. We don't just take from the earth; we nourish it with natural elements like compost and other organic matter, ensuring the soil's vitality for years to come.


The Demeter farmers in this region are part of the Cabruca cooperative. Cabruca also refers to the local cultivation system, a method that embraces the shade of indigenous trees within the Atlantic ecosystem. This coexistence fosters a diverse range of plant and animal species. Developed over two centuries, this technique has become a model inspiring agroforestry systems worldwide.

Within the farm we collaborate with, a dedicated team of 15 individuals tends to the land, cultivating not only cacao but also palm, guarana, acai, and vanilla. Our cacao is 100% pure and is produced using solar energy.


This holistic approach, emphasizing soil health and ecosystem balance, creates the perfect conditions for our cacao to flourish. And these ideal conditions are beautifully reflected in the flavor profile of our chocolate, promising a truly exceptional experience.

    € 41,75 Normale prijs
    € 38,75Verkoopprijs
    500 Gram

    Organic - Pure - Ceremonial

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