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''Experience the Magic of Cacao''


Welcome to Spirit of Cacao!

Step into a world where ancient traditions and modern wellness intersect, and the spirit of cacao is your guide. We want to offer you the highest quality cacao for the best value, so you can enjoy your daily ritual to and live a more happy, healthy and mindful life. 


Every order plants a Tree!

In partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, we support the restauration of forests on Madagascar, a once lush island now threatened by deforestation. Through your support of Spirit of Cacao, we contribute to  both environmental preservation and support for local communities.


Support your Health

Our pure Cacao contains more than 17 beneficial compounds. Rich in of antioxidants. It has benefits for Heath Health, Metabolic Health, Mental Health, Brain health


Feel Better       

Cacao has the ability to uplift your mood and enhance overall well-being due to  various active compounds and nutrients that trigger the brain to the release of feel-good hormones such as Endorphins, Serotonin, and Dopamine, giving us an enhanced mood after drinking it. 


Increase your Awareness and Flow

Crafting your own cacao ritual offers a great opportunity to deepen your connection with yourself and life. By setting clear intentions, you invite clarity, presence, and purpose into each moment, deepening your sense of self-awareness and alignment.


Our cacao can be a great addition to your daily life, But it askes to be used with awareness. It real powers prevail when you make the space for it. Even if it is just 30 seconds in a calm morning before going to work. Be with the cacao fully for the moment you take your first sip.

And if you have the wish to go deeper. Take care of you setting, prepare and take your time. And let the cacao do the rest. Learn more about how to prepare your cacao and create you ritual.

Learn more about our mission here


Anouk (Amsterdam)

"The ceremonial cacao from Spirit of Cacao has elevated my ritual to a higher level. The deep, rich flavor and purity of the cacao bring a unique experience. It's more than just a drink for me; it's a journey to inner peace and connection."


Venezuela is een land dat een speciale plaats in ons hart heeft. En niet alleen in het onze, veel chocolademakers koesteren een mythisch, heilig graal-idee van deze oude cacao-oorsprong. De vruchtbare gronden van de Venezolaanse Andesgebergten zijn de geboorteplaats van criollo cacao. Specifieker nog, het komt uit een regio in Venezuela genaamd Sur del Lago in Maracaibo, gelegen ten zuiden van het Maracaibo-meer.


De Venezolaanse cacao heeft een prachtige, rijke smaak. Zeer aards en diep, met houtachtige en ronde tonen. Het heeft een glad en zacht effect dat het hart opent.


1 x 500 gram: 28,75 euro

2 x 500 gram: 27,75 per zak

3 x 500 gram: 27,00 per zak

4 x 500 gram: 26,25 per zak

5 x 500 gram: 25,75 per zak

Neem voor grotere bestellingen contact met ons op.



Demeter certified - Organic - Rainforest conservation

This high-quality cocoa carries the Spirit of Brazil and comes from the Bahia region in the eastern part of Brazil. What makes this Cocoa unique is that it is grown using biodynamic methods (Demeter certified).

The biodynamic farming method stems from anthroposophy, a life philosophy developed by the anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner. The fundamental idea is that there is a connection between humans, plants, animals, soil, and the cosmos. 

The cocoa is cultivated by 28 farmers who also grow other crops such as guarana, acai, and vanilla. In addition to agro-forestry, they also protect and care for a 600-hectare rainforest reserve.

You can experience this holistic cultivation approach in the rich flavor and quality of the cocoa.


500 gram: 38.75 euro



Woman Care certified - Fair trade - Organic 

Exploring the Origins of Our Chocolate: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia

Grown by a women-led co-operative involving over 500 women. Creating a sacred feminine energy in this heartwarming Cacao. 


Nestled at the base of the slopes of the 'Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta' National Park lies our cacao plantations, embraced by the tallest mountain range in this region of Colombia. This land is a sanctuary of unique biodiversity, holding immense significance for local communities such as the Arhuaco tribe. It is from here that the delectable criollo cacao originates.


500 gram: 32.75 euro



We are very happy to share this powerful Organic Peruvian cacao with you. 

The Peruvian cacao has a strong and intense taste with a fruity and flowery character. It has a very energizing effect, which can be amazing for dancing or focus.

It is organically grown in a harmonious way with the environment. Preserving biodiversity, nature and culture. 

It is healthier for the planet and for your body, since no unnatural compounds are being used.


500 gram: 31,25 euro

For bulk orders contact us



Mushrooms, Spices & Super foods

An easy to use mix with powerful ingredients! 

This pre crumbled mix is your perfect start of the day. It is filled with tonnes of super foods including 5 different adaptogenic (non-psychedelic) mushrooms, high potent maca powder and a complete spice mix.  

The Venezuelan and Peruvian cacao are mixed to have the perfect balance between softly grounding and energetic activation. 


500 gram: 37.75 euro

About Us

About us:

The Spirit of Cacao Project was born out of the wish to explore and share the qualities of ceremonial cacao. Jera's love for cacao has brought him on a journey of self discovery as well as journey trough the world of cacao. In this journey, tasting may cacao's from all over the world he selected 5 amazing cacao's that he is very happy to be able to share with you. 

Our mission:

We want to offer you a product we can be proud of. This means great quality cacao that has a positive impact on your life, the farming communities and nature. Meaning you get to experience the wonders of cacao while contributing to the every element of what made it possible for you to enjoy it.
This we do by offering fair prices to the farmers, minimalizing environmental impact as well as contributing to nature conservation. 

We will soon build a new page on our website where we can offer more in-depth information on how we are working on these goals. So you can gain full understanding of how your order is helping us fulfill our mission. 

Matikuye Oyasin. (Lakota for 'we are all related')

Our Cacao is served by: 

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Organic - Pure - Ceremonial

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