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Cacao de Venezuela

Cacao de Venezuela

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Venezuela is a country close to our hearts. And not only to us, many chocolate makers have a mythical, holy grail idea of this ancient cacao origin. The fertile lands of the Venezuelan Andean mountain ranges are the birthplace of criollo cacao. More specifically, it comes from a region in Venezuela called Sur del Lago in Maracaibo (South of the Maracaibo lake).


The Venezuelan is beautiful rich cacao. Very earthy, woody deep and round flavour. It has a smooth, soft and heart opening effect.


1 x 500 gram: 29.75 euro

2 x 500 gram: 28,75 a bagg

3 x 500 gram: 28,00 a bagg

4x 500 gram: 27,25 a bagg

5 x 500 gram: 26,75 a bagg

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  • About:

    Cacao de Venezuela

    Our Venezuelan cacao comes from ''Sur del Lago''. A region located in the northwest of Venezuela, has been producing high-quality cocoa for centuries, making it one of the oldest and most interesting regions of cocoa cultivation in the world. Situated in the tropical lowlands southwest of Lake Maracaibo in the state of Merida, Sur del Lago benefits from a perfect blend of favorable climatic conditions, including tropical heat, abundant water, and tall shade trees that surround the cultivation areas. These conditions create the ideal environment for cocoa farmers to grow some of the finest ceremonial cacao in the world.

    Criollo & Trinitario Cacao

    Our ceremonial cacao blend is carefully crafted from a combination of Criollo and Trinitario beans, resulting in a rich and perfectly balanced chocolate flavor. This full-bodied cacao boasts robust notes of hazelnuts and almonds, with a hint of fruity aroma that adds to its unique character. The beans are carefully selected for their fine and delicate texture, with a low acidity and astringency that makes it an ideal choice for ceremonial purposes. Indulge in the exquisite taste and aroma of our premium cacao blend and elevate your ceremonial experience.


    Our ceremonial cacao is sustainably and ethically sourced from multiple family farms, making a positive impact on the local economy while minimizing the environmental footprint of the farming process. Our cacao is grown by multiple family farms, which supports the local economy and promotes community development.

    We are committed to minimizing our impact on the natural environment and biodiversity, and we use minimal resources in the farming process to achieve this goal. Our partner guarantees that farmers and everyone else involved in the process are paid the best possible wages, creating economic and social sustainability across the entire supply chain.

    By choosing our ceremonial cacao, you're not only supporting a small, family-run business but also investing in the well-being of local communities and the protection of our natural environment.

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€ 29,75Prijs

Organic - Pure - Ceremonial

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