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Peruvian Cacao

Peruvian Cacao

We are very happy to share this powerful Peruvian cacao with you. The Peruvian cacao has a strong and intense taste with a fruity and flowery character. It has a very energizing effect, which can be great for dancing or focus.

​It is organically grown in a harmonious way with the environment while preserving biodiversity, nature and culture. This is healthier for the planet and for your body, since no unnatural compounds are being used.


1 x 500 gram: 32.25 euro

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    Cacao de Peru

    Theobroma Cacao is a crop that is native to Peru and the Amazonian Rainforest. Our cacao is sourced from the Ucayali and Huánuco regions. These areas provide the ideal climate and soil conditions for cacao trees to thrive, resulting in some of the finest cacao beans in the world.

    Raw Cacao

    Our processing method uses low temperatures to preserve the nutritional riches of our cacao products, ensuring that you get the maximum health benefits with every bite. It's no surprise that ancient American civilizations regarded cacao as sacred due to its amazing nutritional values. Our Peruvian cacao covers most of your daily requirements for essential minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, and manganese, as well as providing an abundant source of antioxidants. When processed naturally, without any chemical additives or extreme temperatures, our cacao can be a true nutritional boost.

    Taste: The Peruvian cacao can be described as fruity, aromatic with slight bitterness and sweetness.


    Our cacao is more than just delicious - it's a way to support local communities and promote ethical business practices.

    We are proud to work with an organization that is actively involved with the local community and takes the time to personally know each of the farmers. Here they offer free technical assistance, training in organic certification, financial support, and fair trade prices. We believe that these factors contribute to improving the living conditions of rural families and promote a more sustainable way of farming.

    Our cacao promotes the conservation of the environment and its native biodiversity. By working with local farmers and supporting their efforts, we are helping to preserve natural resources and protect the delicate ecosystems that surround them.

    Certified organic cacao farming and sustainable agriculture.

    We believe that the health of the land is directly linked to the quality and purity of our cacao products. By avoiding harmful chemicals, we can protect the delicate balance of the local ecosystem and ensure that our cacao beans are free from toxins.

    We're committed to promoting sustainable agriculture and organic cacao farming practices that support the health of the land and the people who depend on it.

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    Je ontvangt je bestelling gemiddeld 1 - 5 dagen na het plaatsen van je order. De kosten zijn 7.25 euro binnen Nederland.

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