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Liquid: We like to use plant-based milk. Our favorites are oat milk, coconut and hazelnut milk. Water and any other milk also works fine. You can experiment and see which one you like the most. Using water is also a great choice, it is the purest form to drink and you will taste the full character of the cacao.  

Cacao: The quantity can vary between 15 grams (light daily dose) and 35 grams (high ceremonial dose). For daily use we like to take around 20 grams which is approximately two table spoons. We invite you to experiment and see what quantity you like as everybody can experience it differently. Then cut the cacao in pieces, so it mixes easier.

Optional: Add some herbs or superfoods. For example: cinnamon, cayenne pepper, vanilla, cardamom, maca powder, honey, mushroom extract like chaga, lionsmane,... there are many options. For more info about the power of medicinal (non-psychedelic) mushrooms check Our friend Mart just started this project out of his love for mushrooms as medicine for people. He offers really high quality mushroom extracts.


Then put the pieces of cacao in a pan together with a cup full of liquid and your extra ingredients. Heat it up, but don’t boil it (to preserve the nutritional values). It really helps to mix it well, with a blender, milkfoamer or mixer. Then the cacao butter can dissolve really well into the liquid. 


Put your love and intentions in the cacao: Take a moment to thank Nature and the people who made it possible that you can experience this cacao. Thank yourself for creating this moment for yourself and for taking good care of yourself.

Take a moment to feel your body and arrive deeper in the present moment. Bring your attention to your breathing.

Next you can feel if there is something you want to let go off or invite into your day/month/life. You can create a mantra with your intention and put this energy in your cup.

When ready, drink the cacao and enjoy!

To empower the experience you can prepare the space well. Clean your space and consider making an altar or lighting a candle.

Live mindfully and enjoy The Spirit of Cacao


Organic - Pure - Ceremonial

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