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''Experience the Magic of Cacao''



Welcome to Spirit of Cacao – Your Gateway to Cacao's Magic!

Step into a world where ancient traditions and modern wellness intersect, and the spirit of cacao is your guide. At Spirit of Cacao, we've harnessed the mystique of cacao to bring you a range of ceremonial cacao offerings from five unique origins.

Why Choose Spirit of Cacao?

A Journey to the Past: Travel back in time to the heart of cacao's rich history, where it has been cherished as a sacred elixir for centuries. We're dedicated to sourcing the finest cacao, ensuring every sip is an exquisite taste of tradition.

Pure, Raw, and Unadulterated: Our cacao is unaltered, with no additives or preservatives, preserving its natural essence and authenticity.

Heart-Centered Connection: Experience the profound heart-opening qualities of cacao, a revered tradition that opens pathways to the soul.

Your Cacao Adventure Begins: Whether you're an experienced explorer of cacao or just starting your journey, Spirit of Cacao invites you to immerse yourself in the magic.

Explore our range, sip, and let the Spirit of Cacao awaken your senses and elevate your spirit.



Venezuela is a country close to our hearts. And not only to us, many chocolate makers have a mythical, holy grail idea of this ancient cacao origin. The fertile lands of the Venezuelan Andean mountain ranges are the birthplace of criollo cacao. More specifically, it comes from a region in Venezuela called Sur del Lago in Maracaibo (South of the Maracaibo lake). 


The Venezuelan is beautiful rich cacao. Very earthy, woody deep and round flavour. It has a smooth, soft and heart opening effect. 


1 x 500 gram: 28.75 euro

2 x 500 gram: 27,75 per bag

3 x 500 gram: 27,00 per bag

4x 500 gram: 26,25 per bag

5 x 500 gram: 25,75 per bag

For bulk orders contact us



Demeter certified - Organic - Rainforest conservation

This high-quality cocoa carries the Spirit of Brazil and comes from the Bahia region in the eastern part of Brazil. What makes this Cocoa unique is that it is grown using biodynamic methods (Demeter certified).

The biodynamic farming method stems from anthroposophy, a life philosophy developed by the anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner. The fundamental idea is that there is a connection between humans, plants, animals, soil, and the cosmos. 

The cocoa is cultivated by 28 farmers who also grow other crops such as guarana, acai, and vanilla. In addition to agro-forestry, they also protect and care for a 600-hectare rainforest reserve.

You can experience this holistic cultivation approach in the rich flavor and quality of the cocoa.


500 gram: 38.75 euro



Woman Care certified - Fair trade - Organic 

Exploring the Origins of Our Chocolate: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia

Grown by a women-led co-operative involving over 500 women. Creating a sacred feminine energy in this heartwarming Cacao. 


Nestled at the base of the slopes of the 'Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta' National Park lies our cacao plantations, embraced by the tallest mountain range in this region of Colombia. This land is a sanctuary of unique biodiversity, holding immense significance for local communities such as the Arhuaco tribe. It is from here that the delectable criollo cacao originates.


500 gram: 32.75 euro



We are very happy to share this powerful Organic Peruvian cacao with you. 

The Peruvian cacao has a strong and intense taste with a fruity and flowery character. It has a very energizing effect, which can be amazing for dancing or focus.

It is organically grown in a harmonious way with the environment. Preserving biodiversity, nature and culture. 

It is healthier for the planet and for your body, since no unnatural compounds are being used.


1 x 500 gram: 28.75 euro

2 x 500 gram: 27,75 per bag

3 x 500 gram: 27,00 per bag

4x 500 gram: 26,25 per bag

5 x 500 gram: 25,75 per bag

For bulk orders contact us



Mushrooms, Spices & Super foods

An easy to use mix with powerful ingredients! 

This pre crumbled mix is your perfect start of the day. It is filled with tonnes of super foods including 5 different adaptogenic (non-psychedelic) mushrooms, high potent maca powder and a complete spice mix.  

The Venezuelan and Peruvian cacao are mixed to have the perfect balance between softly grounding and energetic activation. 


1 x 500 gram: 35.75 euro

For bulk orders contact us

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Organic - Pure - Ceremonial

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